We Are Egg Donors (WAED) is a website focused on representing the variety of egg donor's experiences. Through original reporting, community organizing, and advocacy, WAED spotlights the issues that matter most to egg donors.

About Our Secret Forum

We Are Egg Donors hosts an online conversation among past and current egg donors in more than 12 countries. We know that egg donation isn't your usual everyday conversation, so  it's important to us to create a supportive, stigma-free environment where people can connect and receive/offer support.

Our Story

Every donor is different. we support informed choice.

We welcome your perspective + story, no matter what it is.

Founded by three egg donors, WAED provides an honest platform for egg donors around the world to connect. We proudly have members in 12+ countries, who prove that there is no "one size fits all" story for all of us. By sharing our stories, we create a meaningful conversation and advocate for causes that matter to egg donors.

We support evidence-based research. Because there are zero long-term studies on the health effects of egg donation, we partner with researchers and nonprofits like Our Bodies, Ourselves to advocate for health initiatives that value donor health.

Our Donation Policy

Creating an authentic, uncompromised space is important to us, so we don't accept donations, sponsorship, or endorsements from any business that profits from donor eggs.  


We love hearing from egg donors and friends -- reach out anytime!

if you're an egg donor, the best way to connect with us is through our facebook group. join here

for media requests, please reach us at raquel*at*weareeggdonors.com

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