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Interview with Mexican Egg Donor & Artist, Paola Livas

Through the process, doing this in ‘secret’ mode was becoming too much. “Are you sure, you really sure you want to do this?” I asked myself over and over again. I had a meltdown or something. I told the clinic I was unsure, I talked to them about the possibility of quitting: They told me that quitting is no longer possible. The doctors told me that at that point, I couldn’t quit, because "they already had a recipient synced up with me". They told me that I couldn’t quit.  

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How Egg Donation Saved My (Future) Pregnancy

A big thank you to We Are Egg Donors for educating me on the egg donation process and introducing me to some of the most incredible women. Without WAED, I likely would have given up on egg donation long ago and would not have found out about my condition until it was too late. After assessing the risks, I know egg donation is right choice for me, and WAED has played a huge role in helping me come to that conclusion.

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I Donated My Eggs To My Aunt

Recently, we published this story about how things went south after a member donated her eggs to her aunt. Shortly after, this email popped into my inbox:

Hi, I just read the heartbreaking story posted on We Are Egg Donors about a woman donating eggs to her aunt and having it go so horribly! I really think that is awful.
I also donated to my aunt (my mother’s first cousin, to be technical). My experience was very different and has been very positive. If you have any interest in sharing another perspective on a similar situation, I’d be happy to share.
-- Carter

We are honored to share Carter’s story here.

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My Children Have a Brother They May Never Meet

When my body was pumped full of hormones to stimulate my ovarian follicles — matured for the purpose of giving another woman a chance to be a mother — part of me changed as well.  For the first time in my life, I had a desire to be pregnant.  I started to think about carrying a child and being a mother in a very different way.  Dialogue began between my wife and I and our plans for future parenthood took a different path. 

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INTERVIEW: I Met My 16-Year-Old Donor Egg Child

JoLana Talbot donated eggs anonymously because she was not offered any other option. One thing we’ve learned since starting We Are Egg Donors is that this is a pretty common experience.  What is uncommon about JoLana’s story is that she got the chance to connect with her ‘donor daughter,’ Brittan, 16 years after donating eggs. Even more unusual, JoLana and Brittan met in person for the very first time on Katie Couric’s daytime television show. The episode will air Wednesday, June 11 (find your local station here). JoLana filled us in on what it was like to meet a child produced from her donations. Check it out!

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Anonymous Confession: “I lied my ass off to become an egg donor”

I spent years abusing cocaine and marijuana to deal with severe depression, anxiety, and anorexia. I spent a month in a psychiatric hospital ten years ago, and I still take prescription mood stabilizers twice a day. My family history includes ovarian cancer, schizophrenia, autism, substance use, and obesity.  But last year I was struggling to make ends meet and support a household with a salary of $30,000 in New York City.  So I lied my ass off to become an egg donor.

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INTERVIEW: “I’m a Queer Egg Donor”

This interview is about stigma, being queer, and navigating a heteronormative medical landscape. While egg donation is presented as a simple clinical procedure, there is a lot of room for reducing stigma and acknowledging a fuller scope of, you know, how people actually feel about it. To some of us,  our narratives are more complex than “wham, bam, thank you for your huevos, good job, here’s a check, you’ll be fine, good bye.”

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“I Was an American Egg Donor in Bangkok”

Communicating with my doctor was a challenge; even though he really did try his best, he didn’t understand everything I was saying. I had never donated before and I had a lot of questions. But because of the language barrier, I had a really hard time getting answers. In retrospect, it would be a lot safer for egg donors if there were a translator who could make sure that pertinent medical information is being communicated, both ways.

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