We Are Egg Donors
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We’re a volunteer-run organization, founded and run by egg donors.



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How it all started

An attorney in Chicago, an playwright in Canada and a creative in California meet online. We had something in common:

Each of us had donated eggs anonymously.


So much to say!

Never having met another egg donor, we had so much to talk about. After weekly Google Hangouts — and finding that resources for egg donors did not exist (despite egg donation having been around for 30 years) — we set out on a mission:

Create a community and build resources for past and current egg donors

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FebRuary 2013

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We Are Egg Donors was born

The world’s first global conversation among egg donors kicks off… with just five members.

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So is our promise:

WAED commits to creating an authentic, non-directive resource — with no commercial interest in your decision to donate eggs. We have a donation policy in which we don’t accept funds from any business that profits from donor eggs.


mARCH 2013

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WAED flies to Montreal

Two co-founders are guest presenters at the University of Montreal, where they meet IRL for the first time. The first of many opportunities to bring egg donor concerns to public awareness.



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We support research

We begin supporting international research projects, including an egg donor study led by UCSF researcher Dr. Diane Tober

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October 2015

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New York Times cover story

Our work and co-founder Sierra is featured in a NYT cover story

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We consult on national policy

As Canada reviews the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, they invite We Are Egg Donors to share donor perspectives

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We partner with Our Bodies, Ourselves

We partner with women’s health nonprofit Our Bodies, Ourselves to create a video on what matters to egg donors.

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We Are Egg Donors is a space where past + current egg donors connect, share stories, and advocate for initiatives that are important to egg donors.


Real egg donor stories, behind the scenes

If you're looking for honest, judgment-free conversations about egg donation, you're in the right place.



We Are Egg Donors was founded by three egg donors to create a safe space for donors to connect and talk about the issues that matter most to us. Today, we have a booming community of more than 1,500 past and current egg donors worldwide -- and we're so excited to connect with you. (Also, we’re volunteer-run and it’s free!)


Created and run by egg donors, our forum is a secret Facebook group. And… it’s free!  

Secret is FB's most private option: not searchable or viewable to anyone but approved group members.

Founded and run by egg donors, this is the only place where you can have honest conversation with hundreds of egg donors in 12+ countries.

"I'm grateful to be a part of this community where I can speak to real women who underwent egg retrieval."

"So glad this group exists. You ladies get it."

"I'm grateful for this space and the people on it. I felt so alone before. Thank you." 


Hannah, one of WAED’s volunteer moderators:

“I’ve gone from a first time donor that asked NO questions to an experienced egg donor that’s learned to be my own best advocate.

As a result, I know how important it is to have a space where newbie questions can be asked, experienced women can share their stories, and all of the emotions of this process can be vented for a little catharsis.”