Our Projects, Partnerships, and Collaborations

WAED is passionate about supporting research, particularly the enormous need for long-term studies on the health outcomes of egg donation. Egg donation technology has existed for more than 30 years and there have been no long-term studies. We invite those who support donor egg technologies to join us in advocating for health initiatives that prioritize egg donor health. 

We have supported various studies on egg donors conducted by researchers at San Francisco State University, Wellesley College and Middlebury College, The University of Cambridge, University of Southern Denmark, Humboldt University in Berlin, Fordham University, and others.



As part of a grant from the Open Society Foundation, WAED partnered with Surrogacy360 -- a resource produced by Our Bodies Ourselves and The Center for Genetics and Society -- to create a video about WAED’s ongoing efforts to increase public awareness on issues that matter to egg donors.


Antitrust Lawsuit

In 2016, WAED disseminated a Class Action Settlement for a federal antitrust lawsuit in which egg donors were plaintiffs against the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. Two of the plaintiffs were members of WAED.

Is Egg Donation For Me?

WAED partnered with Generations Ahead, the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice and Policy at San Francisco State University, and ChoiceUSA to create Is Egg Donation For Me?, a non-directive educational resource that organizes the six stages of egg donation from start to finish – to help women make informed choices about the decision to provide eggs.


National Policy Consultation

We have consulted on national policy, including Health Canada’s Best Brains Exchange: Path Forward for the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (2018).