We Are Egg Donors (WAED) is a women's health organization and a global conversation among past and current egg donors.

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Our advocacy work & community-driven approach to women's health have been featured in various media across the world.


Our story begins with three egg donors.


We Are Egg Donors was co-founded by three egg donors in the US and Canada who envisioned a resource for women to receive support, form community, and collectively advocate for issues that matter most to egg donors. Since then, We Are Egg Donors has formed international partnerships with researchers, academics, nonprofits, filmmakers, attorneys, and top tier media outlets to contribute to the growing transparency and understanding of egg donor concerns and diverse experiences. Today, We Are Egg Donors is an active global community of more than 1,300 egg donors in 12+ countries.

WAED provides an honest platform for egg donors around the world to connect.  Our members prove that there is no "one size fits all" story for all of us.


Our Donation Policy

Since day one, we have upheld a donation policy in which we do not accept donations, sponsorship, or endorsements from any business that profits from donor eggs. This includes fertility clinics, agencies, and egg banks.

We believe our donation policy is necessary to cultivate a non-directive and supportive space that is fully dedicated to the needs of egg donors. Our policy not only helps prevent conflicts of interest, but it also allows us to continue growing resources for egg donors with integrity, honesty, and transparency. This is the main reason why we are a volunteer-run organization.



WAED is passionate about supporting research, particularly the enormous need for long-term studies on the health outcomes of egg donation, which are still lacking. If you support donor eggs, we invite you to support egg donors and join us in this cause.

We have supported various studies on egg donors conducted by researchers at San Francisco State University, Wellesley College and Middlebury College, The University of Cambridge, University of Southern Denmark, Humboldt University in Berlin, Fordham University, and others.

WAED partnered with Generations Ahead, the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice and Policy at San Francisco State University, and ChoiceUSA to create Is Egg Donation For Me?, a non-directive, evidence-based resource that organizes the six stages of egg donation from start to finish – to help women make informed choices about the decision to provide eggs.

As part of a grant from the Open Society Foundation, WAED partnered with Surrogacy360 -- a resource produced by Our Bodies Ourselves and The Center for Genetics and Society -- to create a video about WAED’s ongoing efforts to increase public awareness on issues that matter to egg donors.

In 2016, WAED disseminated a Class Action Settlement for a federal antitrust lawsuit in which egg donors were plaintiffs against the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. Two of the plaintiffs were members of WAED.

We have consulted on national policy, including Health Canada’s Best Brains Exchange: Path Forward for the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (2018).

Our Community

WAED’s secret Facebook group is our most active platform. Exclusively comprised of egg donors, the forum hosts a global conversation among egg donors in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Peru, Spain, Barbados, Argentina, Mexico, and other countries.



We love hearing from egg donors and friends. Due to high volume of incoming emails, we are unable to answer every single one, although we sincerely wish we could. If you're an egg donor, the best way to get your questions answered is by applying to the forum. 

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